Discovery through Pursuit…

I am a Production Designer and Set Designer living and working in Los Angeles.

I come from a background in literature, art and music.  I received a BA in studio Art and Art History at UC Berkeley where I also dabbled heavily in Architecture and Installation art.  This upbringing played a big role in my development as a designer, but my time spent traveling and my extracurricular involvements have proven to be the biggest influence on my work.  It’s the adventures we go on and the people we meet that breath fresh ideas into a visual world.   I am also a proud part of Dublab,  a valuable internet radio station and musical resource.

I am part of a budding artistic community of brainstormers and builders whose name is constantly changing.  We are dreamers and makers.  We are made up of production designers, set decorators and art directors for film and video, architects and visual artists, but our hearts are tied to understanding space and imagination.   We are eager to reach towards community projects and build visually stimulating sets anywhere and everywhere we can.  We currently have a set shop and work space in Frog Town, beside the Los Angeles river.

Things can happen quickly and constantly, so be sure to check back to see what we’re up to.

Links to people and organizations I love:

dying songs

tiffany roohani

sit and read

pylon technical

eddy sykes

free music archive


golden hits

telic arts exchange

the public school

sarah soquel morhai

family bookstore

christopher intagliata’s science writing

daniel minnick

jimmy tamborello

faith crawford

stefani greenwood

jesselisa moretti

dear creatures clothing

tricoast studios

la record

from here to there photo collective

conversations than never happened


leaving records

resonance FM

funny or die

the masses

ICA, london

for your art


One comment

  1. Hello, Ms. Byron

    My name is Satoko Yamamoto who was in the LAFS. I’ve written this message to you because I’ve been thinking that I honestly would like to meet and talk as I talked to Mr. Joe Byron who told me about you.
    I just graduated from the LAFS last year, and afterwards I was working in Production 1 as the Art Director for 5 months. I really love the jobs of production designer and I’m also interested in all art department jobs, drafting, set dressing, painting, decorating, and so on. My goal is to be a great production designer.

    I’m very interested in you because you’re a production designer and you’re now working in Japan where I was born. I’ve heard that you’re in Japan for upcoming film shooting.
    And I looked at your website and I could see that you have worked on a lot of films. Also he showed me your past pictures, which are designed by you. You designed Production 1 stage as well. I was very impressed.

    I’m just wondering if you have time to meet me after you came back in Los Angeles. I would like to meet.
    I hope I can work with you together soon one day.

    Thank you so much for reading this and good luck to your shooting there.

    Yours truly,

    Satoko Yamamoto

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